Around The World With Tennis Pro Circus

Tennis circus, as you know, never stops. And so after the end of Wimbledon, many new pro tournaments are going to start around the world . Where would you go or where would you like to go in the coming weeks?
If you are heading to Prague you could make a detour to Olomuc, where a nice tournament of $ 50,000 ITF women’s circuit takes place. Or if you’re planning to spend a few days in Emilia Romagna, why not go to fantastic Imola and discover the new talents of the female Italian tennis?

Don’t you like women tennis?
No problem. Take a flight and go to Poznan to follow for free (until Wednesday) the Atp challenger tournament or if you were in Hamburg why don’t you spend some times to see the axes of the racket compete to win the prestigious German Open?
With this blog I want to try to combine two of my great passions, tennis & travels, to develope a new idea, the “TennisTourism“. Infact most tournaments, scattered around the world, are held in wonderful places and exclusive locations. My goal is to report you, a few weeks in advance, what are the best upcoming tennis events, giving tips on how to better organize your trip, how to get there, what to see or do….
From the tennis point of view my aim will be to report not only major events but minor events too (challenger and ITF tournaments), possibly with free admission, to dis over the top players of tomorrow. It would be very easy for me to tell you just that there is a place near London where each year takes place the prestigious Wimbledon tournament with Federer, Djokovic and Williams sisters, inviting you to spend a few hundred pounds to get access. No. This is not my goal.
And so…are you ready to discover the talents of tomorrow, o follow matches with few fans, pheraps side by side with players’ coach and parents? Are you ready to mingle with players in their moments of break or when they are on the sidelines to spy with interest the next opponents? Are you ready, if you’re on vacation in California, to make a detour pheraps to Sacramento to see Taylor Townsend beating Grace Min? Are you ready to discover wonderful places in the world simply following tennis tournaments?

Well, if you are ready to all this there is nothing to do to follow me.

Our journey has just begun!!!!

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